Blog vs CMS


A blog is a web site that displays posts or articles in sequential order. With the newest posts appearing first. The word blog comes from weblog, itself contraction of web and log. Blogs began as online journal, usually featuring as single author writing about a specific topic or interest. However, blogs have expanded to encompass news sites, magazine’s-style site and eve corporate web sites in addition to personal journals. Blogs often fill a niche, focusing on a particular subject and often encourage refer participation by enabling comments on articles or posts. Blogs tend to have the following: a new page is automatically generated for each post. Each post is defined by one or more categories, posts can further categorized by tags. Posts can be read sequentially or browsed in archives by date category or tag. Design and layout are dedicated by predefined template or theme; changes affect the look and feel of the site but do not affect content, making it easy to modify a sites look.


A content management system is a software application that allows user to easily update and mange the content of a site without accessing or changing the site layout and structure. A CMS give user and easy way to add text, images and media and to update and change the information on a regular basis. It typically features search function, enabling end-user to easily find the content they are looking for.